Tony Parker, the French basketball star and newly married husband of “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria, has sued a celebrity gossip Web site for publishing “false” stories of his affair with a French model. The lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court seeks at least $40 million in damages.The lawsuit comes just few days after posted an interview with French model Alexandra Paressant in which she allegedly revealed her two-month affair with Parker. The story said Paressant had told X17 that she became acquainted with Parker through French soccer star Thierry Henry, who introduced her to the basketball star at his wedding last summer.

However, Parker has rejected those claims and blamed the site for not having done enough to check the “credibility of its supposed source,” the lawsuit said.

“X17 had to know that the story was false, or, at the very least, it had to have entertained serious doubts about the credibility of the supposed source,” the case said.

Parker, 25, married 32-year-old Longoria in Paris in July.

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