So let me get this straight: Englishman Daniel Day-Lewis and Frenchwoman Marion Cotillard get the best actor/actress awards, Spaniard Javier Bardem and Scotswoman Tilda Swinton get the best supporting actor/actress awards, Italien Dario Maranelli wins the best film music and then, even the best foreign film goes to a foreign Austrian-German-(place three or four other random European countries here) production filmed right here in Babelsberg bei Berlin?

Like what the hell is that? Only the Coen brothers managed to hold up our flag with a modicum of self-respect and even they are probably from Brooklyn or some other semi-foreign place like that. Okay then, they’re from Minnesota. But that’s almost Canada.

I’ve never been as shocked while not watching the annual Academy Awards presentation shown in the middle of the night over here and than reading about it the next morning as I was this year. But I guess I wasn’t the only one. Not watching, I mean. At least now we know why nobody was watching. Europeans in Hollywood? Like how gauche is that?

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