A European Member of Parliament has joined many others that are calling for a public inquiry to be held over exposure of council staff to the potentially deadly carcinogenic, asbestos. Staff were exposed to the substance at the Woodhouse Close Leisure Centre in the UK, which is run by the district council.

Officials at the sports centre, located in County Durham , were warned of the presence of asbestos in the pool area some years ago. However, despite this they continued to make employees work in the area without any form of protection, putting them at risk of exposure to the deadly substance.

A meeting has been held to launch the investigation into the matter, and a decision will be made on whether the inquiry will be a public one. MP Fiona Hall wants the inquiry to be a public one. She stated: “The health and safety of staff and visitors should be the most important consideration for any employer, not least a district council.”

She added: “It would seem that there have been serious failures in the way in which the council has responded to concerns over the presence of asbestos at Woodhouse Close Leisure Complex. It is vital there is now a full inquiry into the matter – in public – not behind closed doors.”

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