If you ask most Germans, and I wouldn’t if I were you, they will tell you that they want to have the Berlin Wall back. They also want the Sandmann, the World Cup, cheaper beer and gasoline, snow in the winter and Sabine Christiansen back, too (ich will, Anne Will, we all will). They will also tell you that they want Tempelhof Airport back and it isn’t even gone yet, but that’s another story. Well tough tooties, people. You can’t have them. It’s over. Move on.

And now they come at you heuldend (whining) about wanting to have their money back, too. Their old German as in Deutsche Mark currency money, I mean. Actually, they’ve wanted it back ever since it was yanked away from their cold and clutching fingers thirty or forty years ago or whenever it was and have made no secret about it ever since. The word on the street is, unreliable as it is, that consumer prices basically doubled here with the introduction of the euro and everybody’s still mad as hell about it and isn’t going to take it anymore (that prices here in Germany are greatly lower than in other neighboring countries is something they are either not aware of or don’t care about).

Not only that, lots of these new fangled euro coins and bills are from other European Euroland countries other than Deutschland ITSELF and this appears to make Germans nervous or suspicious or something, having to carry around somebody else’s foreign money like that, I mean. Unless they are coin collectors or something, of course.

In other words, who cares what the Germans think? They are the last to give a you-know-what about whatever it is Germans are complaining about at the moment themselves. They don’t take any of this moaning stuff seriously themselves, in other words. So why should you? Oh, you don’t either? Damn. Then you could live here, too.

And überhaupt (and anyway), what’s so bad about the euro? They ought to see how far they get tying to spend dollars these days instead.

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