If you were looking for a prime example of why Europe, given the mentality that has evolved there, is an unsustainable civilization doomed to collapse, here is yet another in a long list of examples. At a news conference in Mexico City, European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana criticized plans by the United States to put up barriers along part of its border with Mexico:

“A wall that separates one country from another is not something that I like or that the European Union members like.”

Really? Well, excuse the hell out of us for trying to prevent our country from being overrun by all of Latin America in such a boorish way that your highness doesn’t care for. Boy, talk about an insufferable, condescending, Euro-effete son of a–

Sorry. But it really is maddening, is it not? This vacuous criticism is coming from one of the representatives of a continent that stands by and twiddles its thumbs while allowing itself to be slowly taken over by Islam, all in the name of tolerance and diversity. European civilization as we know it will slowly pass away over the course of this century (if Europe doesn’t wake up), but this Solana character has the unmitigated temerity to criticize the United States for trying to maintain its national sovereignty.

“We don’t think walls are reasonable instruments to stop people from crossing into a country,” Solana continued.

Well, okay, then, you’ve got our attention, we’re all waiting with bated breath to be enlightened on the subject. I’m guessing that there are no “reasonable instruments” to one-worlders like Solana, for whom the concept of maintaining one’s national sovereignty is so last century.

He also said that immigrants should be treated “like people, not like criminals.”

Who writes this guy’s speeches, One-World Utopian Cliches ‘R’ Us? It makes one hearken back to the massive illegal immigrant marches of last year and one of the signs being carried around that said: “A person can’t be illegal.”

That’s right, a flesh-and-blood person can’t be defined as somehow intrinsically illegal, but that’s a trifling point of semantics. It’s the acts that people commit that are illegal and breaking into another country without authorization is still against the law despite the pie-in-the-sky, utopian reveries of people like Javier Solana.

You have to wonder if Solana had anything to say about Mexican abuses of “immigrants” on its own southern border. In 2005, the State Department’s Human Rights Practices report cited abuses at all levels of the Mexican government and charged that Mexican police and immigration officials not only violate the rights of illegal immigrants, but actually traffic in illegal aliens.

But there probably wasn’t time in Solana’s Mexico City news conference to cover any of that. Maybe next time . . .

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