Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, has called for wider usage of nuclear energy in EU member states, to cut greenhouse gas emissions and to tackle the effects of global warming and climate change. Mr. Barroso said that the European Commission would recommend measures to increase energy efficiency and to enhance the use of renewable energy sources and nuclear energy. He added that decision on using nuclear energy would be made by the member states and not by the European commission, which would rather contribute to the research and development of nuclear energy, in those states who opt for nuclear energy to meet self-imposed targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The European Union is the world’s largest importer and second-largest consumer of energy and it has agreed to cut its carbon emissions by 8% from the 1990 levels, before the year 2012. Mr. Barroso said that the objective of the new measures is to speed up the transformation of Europe to a low carbon economy and he believes that these measures would be adopted by the member states at a summit next year. He added that a debate on Nuclear Energy and Climate Change should not be considered as a ‘taboo’, as the world could no longer hide from this issue.

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