ETA, the group for a Basque Homeland and Freedom has ruined the peace process between it and Spain. They broke a 9-month peace treaty just before the New Year by bringing down an entire parking complex at the Madrid airport. Spanish officials say that peace talks are officially over, something they have failed to do in the past after other incidents of violence and were harshly criticized for. It appears as though they have learned from that lesson.

The political wing has drastically cried that the peace talks were not over, but the proof for most Spaniards was the bombing. This is nothing new for either, but has happened time and time again since ETA formed in 1959 to seek to secure a separate land for the Basque people.

These talks had been very promising and new ground was being broken.  But ETA broke ground their own way, killing two Ecuadorian men, and left both the parking complex and peace agreement in smoking ruins.

[Edited by Simon – Minor change]

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