A little over a week ago I wrote an article about another missing person, Eric Preimesberger from Reno Nevada. Simon and I spoke to Eric’s mother, Kay Wilson, who was determined to find out what had happened to her son.

Eric was married and had two wonderful children, Ivy Rayne, 6 years old and Damien Eric, 22 months old. Eric and his wife were apparently planning to move to Eugene Oregon to start a new business with his wife, Kristi’s brother, Timmy. According to Kay he was excited about the move and his new business. Kay even spoke to her granddaughter, Ivy about the move and Ivy was excited too about the move, only she wasn’t so happy about leaving the school she had been in and her friends there.

No one had heard anything from Eric since April 20th, 2010, no friends or family members even. Not long after he was apparently missing, Kristi took the kids and everything else and moved to her brother’s home in Eugene Oregon and after a few weeks she moved to Vancouver, Washington to stay with Eric’s step-sister.

I was told that Kristi would not report Eric missing so Kay was finally able to do it herself which made Kristi very angry. She said Kay was interfering where she did not need to be.

ValHall, from The Hinkey Meter has been working with Kay on a daily basis trying to find Eric. Word got to me about the case so I contacted Val and after going over the case with her and Kay we offered to have them on one of our radio programs to try and help get the story out. Some asked what they could possibly do if they are hundreds of miles away besides pray for Kay and her family. Well just spreading the word helps especially when pictures are spread out, even flyers sent out and posted on bulletin boards.

This time I guess the word being out has paid off. From what I have been told, Kristi and her brother, Tim has been found and arrested somewhere in Minnesota. Who would have thought to look there for them? The children are reportedly OK and safe.

Although it is not exactly clear what the brother confessed to, a family member stated that he confessed to something.

I read this on The Hinky Meter this morning:

Marcia here…Kay has asked that I post the following message:  The children are safe.  Thank you ALL for your awesome efforts!  The search for Eric is over.  It has been confirmed.  Kay says, “My Baby is confirmed dead”.  As we are authorized to do so, more info will be released.  Again, Thank you all soooo very much!  Thank you Val for this forum so these wonderful people can do what they do best.


The Family of the Late Great Eric Dee Preimesberger

Simon and I send our deepest condolences to Kay and her entire family. There are no words to say that can possibly describe how it feels for a mother to hear that one of her children has passed. It breaks my heart. Kay if you ever get a chance to read this we are keeping you and your family in our prayers. You are a strong woman, Kay and I admire you so much.

Keep your faith in God. Eric is with God now and he is safe and happy and one day you will be reunited with him. I am going to close this article with tears in my eyes. I wish I could be there to hold Kay’s hand and help her through this. Kay please know that besides your family and friends there, you have a lot of people online that care about you and what you are going through. All of our prayers will hopefully help you. God bless you and your family.

To Eric Preimesberger your family and friends will miss you. Although I have never met you, I know you were a good son. I also know you are in heaven now watching over your mother and the rest of your family. You were a great father to Ivy and Damien and I know they will always remember their father and I am sure they will feel you with them every day, all day long.

God bless you Eric Preimesberger.  🙂

Jan and Simon Barrett

Note from Jan Barrett – Originally I had that Kristi and Tim were located in Michigan but it was an honest mistake, so thanks to one of our readers, brother that rides, for bringing it to my attention I now have the correct state. Minnesota is where they were.

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