eric-and-baby-d.jpgEric Preimesberger last spoke with his mother on April 20, 2010 on his wedding anniversary. His mother says Eric was upbeat, happy, and excited about moving his family to Eugene Oregon. He planned on starting a new business with his brother-in-law, Tim Morgan. Eric is the father of two small children.

In emails from Eric’s mother, Kay Wilson, she told me about the phone call saying she could hear the kids in the background. She even talked to her granddaughter who was excited about moving but she was sad about leaving her friends and her school. Kay talked with her son about a little house he found near a park in a neighborhood called “Walnut Grove”. She said when she started laughing he asked what was so funny about where his new house was going to be. She explained through her tears and laughter that Walnut Grove is the town where the TV series “Little House on the Prairie” was filmed which had Eric laughing as much as his mother was.

She tells me that she told him that she was so proud of him for wanting to start his own business although she was sorry it would take him so far from home and his response was for her not to worry and she could always fly into Portland and they could just pick her up. She told her son how much she loved him and in return he told her “I love you too Mom, talk to you soon.”

eric-and-fam.jpgLittle did she know that it would be this long without hearing his voice again. He has been missing for 107 days and as it stands she isn’t sure that she will ever hear his voice again. For any mother, this is heart breaking. His family continues praying that he will come home soon and they pray for Eric’s wife, Kristi and Eric’s children, Ivy and Damien.

Kristi told the investigators that she and Eric had a fight and he took off. She made the move to Oregon on her own a short time after he disappeared. She was living in Eugene Oregon with her brother but now the neighbors are saying that everyone has moved out of the brother’s house.

The Reno police have requested the help from Eugene’s police since Kristi has crossed over the state line. They have located a storage pod that Kristi was paying for in Eugene. Once they got a search warrant they brought in the cadaver dogs who apparently hit on the scent of human remains near the pod and also on some dead flowers left behind in the pod.

Hearing this news has Kay really worried about her son. She says it is very odd that he hasn’t called her by now. She says she just wants her boy back. She makes a plea out to her daughter-in-law, Kristi.

“Kristi, bring the babies to our home you know we will welcome you all with open arms,  or  go to your mothers I know it would thrill her to pieces and let’s get this all sorted out, cleared up, get you and the kids in a safe and secure environment, and get Eric home.”

Eric is 30 years old. He is described as a white male, about 5ft. 6 in. tall and he weighs about 165 lbs.  Kay said that there are unofficial flyers of Kristi and the kids out requesting anyone to please help them find this family and bring them home.

Kay has spoken with Detective Myers and he would appreciate it if the media could keep getting photos out of Eric and list him as a missing and endangered adult. His disappearance is under suspicious circumstances and anyone with information can contact Detective Myers at the Reno Nevada Police Department directly by calling 775-657-4801. The case # is 10-13551 or you can just give him Eric’s full name. If you would prefer to call in and remain anonymous you can call Secret Witness in Reno at 775-322-4900 using the same case #10-13551 or you can go to online and give what information that you might have.

There is a lot more to this story so Simon and I plan to have Kay Wilson as a guest on our radio show soon. We will announce it as soon as we can set up a date. We would like to help her get the word out so maybe someone can help her fin d her son. All she wants is to find him. She is yet another mother desperately searching for her child. I don’t care how old they are, once you give birth to a child you will love them forever and you will fight to keep them safe. Please help us help Kay by passing the word along and the photos as well.

A Facebook page has been setup for Eric. You can find it by clicking here. My prayers are with Kay Wilson and her family. I will keep praying that they will find Eric soon and he is returned home. God bless you Kay and your family.

Jan Barrett

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