Just Breaking- Judge Eric Holder selected for post of Attorney General. Holder was a Clinton deputy attorney general who served briefly as acting Attorney General when Janet Reno left in the closing weeks of Bill Clinton’s administration. Holder was in the top spot at Justice in the final weeks of President Clinton’s administration when the infamous flurry of pardons occurred. The Obama folks reportedly wanted to make sure his selection would not generate criticism among key Senators in particular over the Pardon of Mark Rich.

Last June a small group of men who govern the day to day activities of the Mormon church, made a political bed they are discovering is not quite so comfy. The backlash is greater than anticipated, Reportedly high profile Mormon Mitt Romney had signed off on the anti-gay marketing campaign, throwing the financial and political weight of the Mormon church behind California’s proposition eight. Prop eight denies gay couples the right to civil marriage, by changing California’s constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and woman.

It seems ironic a church founded by a nineteenth century pedophile, who’s “sacred” rituals are water downed knock off’s of Masonic rites. Was able to play so powerful a role in California politics . I disagree by the way with gay people who feel they have a right to marry in St Pats, or have special rights we accord the disabled, the very old or very young. But if gay people want to codify relationships and obtain a license from a county clerk to marry, according to the traditions and rites of whatever faith and communal morality they follow why should it concern me.

Last June Mitt Romney peered at the political landscape and assumed it was a safe bet to sign on to the campaign to discriminate against a group of people. The Mormon victory will cost Mitt big and perhaps call into question the validity of the Churches IRS status. The new administration should begin reviewing any group that claims to practice a religious faith, but in reality is little more than a personal platform to enrich ideologues. These bottom feeders have spent the last eight years living large and beguiling people who could most benefit from some genuine spiritual nourishment.

That’s my view yours may be different


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