With trends in  all 223 seats now available the trend indicates a hung assembly where Congress will fall just short of majority.

JDS appears to have gained substantially and may even emerge as the second largest party followed closely by BJP.

The combinations to be looked for are

Kumaraswamy as CM supported by BJP, KJP and BSR.

Veerappa Moily as CM supported by KJP

Siddaramaiah as CM supported by independents.

In case Congress will eventually succeed in getting a simple majority around 115 seats, there will be a fight for CM in Congress and Siddaramaiah is the leading candidate. However depending on regional success of Congress other contenders may emerge.

We will wait for the results to emerge.

Latest Trends : 223 out of 223

Congress: 111

BJP: 40

JDS : 42

KJP 11

BSR C: 3

Others : 16


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