According to recent reports the US Environmental Protection Agency had added another site to its Superfund National Priority list for asbestos cleanup. The site is located in Ambler, Pennsylvania, and was once a dump for asbestos containing materials.

More than fifteen hundred sites are currently on the superfund cleanup list, and these are all sites that the Environmental Protection Agency deems as being priority for cleanup for the good of public health. This latest addition covers almost two acres of land.

The EPA said: “The site is on the NPL because the nearby residential population could potentially be exposed to airborne asbestos and to asbestos contamination along Tannery Run, Rose Valley Creek and the Wissahickon Creek.”

The site was used between the 1900s and the 1980s as an asbestos dump according to EPA officials, and it poses a danger as there is a nearby creek that has become a popular spot for fishing, putting people at increased risk of exposure.

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