It has recently been reported that an environmental laboratory has been indicted over allegations that it falsified reports relating to asbestos. The Certified Environmental Services, which is in Syracuse, New York, was indicted by a federal grand jury.

It is claimed that the environmental laboratory was part of a conspiracy to falsify asbestos reports relating to schools, businesses, and local homes. The company, along with five of its employees, has been charged with sixteen felony counts, and the case was dealt with by the US District Court in Syracuse.

According to the indictment the company conspired for nearly ten years, along with certain employees and a supervisor from Paragon Environmental Construction, to provide false information on independent reports relating to asbestos clean-up projects.

Officials are concerned that among other things the actions of this company could have put public health and lives in danger because of the dangers relating to asbestos exposure, which can include a series of health problems such as asbestos related cancer.

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