It was recently reported that an environmental company in the Syracuse area of New York had been the subject of indictment after a number of employees were accused of falsifying records in relation to asbestos cleanup, which is something that has been taken very seriously by the authorities.

However, one employee of the company has now come forward to question why she has been included in the asbestos related indictment, and according to reports allegations about her role in the process have not yet been made clear.

The woman that has come forward is Barbara DuChene from Sherrill, who was one of a number of employees of the company that were named as part of the indictment. Her lawyer stated: “I don’t know why she’s named in this indictment, and I believe she feels she’s being unfairly accused… This is a woman who has worked hard her whole life, who has a family, and who has lived an exceptionally law-abiding life, so the threat of just a felony conviction, aside from any punishment, I think that’s certainly very serious for her.”

Her lawyer went on to state: “I would think that the allegation against her is not particularly substantial, and I’m looking to see if there’s anything further beyond what I know that would justify that charge.”

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