Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have been nearly inseparable on the Los Angeles party circuit for the last few months. Britney celebrated her 26th birthday with Paris earlier this month while fending off rumors of another pregnancy.

Spears has had a rough year, experiencing a meltdown resulting in shaving her head, a stint in rehab and ultimately, the loss of custody of her children to ex-husband Kevin Federline. It would seem that her association with the Hilton heiress was another bad choice in the pop-star’s messy year.

This weekend, Paris was seen chumming it up with Britney’s ex at Lax, a Las Vegas bar and nightclub with Spears nowhere in sight. Witnesses state that Paris and K-Fed were seen whispering and laughing together after K-Fed greater Hilton with a kiss on the cheek. “It looked as though they were getting quite friendly,” one on-looker stated. One source also stated that K-Fed visited Hilton’s hotel room later that night.

Britney has not commented on the relationship between her supposed friend and ex-husband but this surely comes as another blow at the end of a stressful year for Spears.

DeusExMachina blogs at Breakable News

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