England’s Prince Harry may be deployed to Iraq.

British officials aren’t confirming the deployment, but The Daily Mirror in London is reporting that Harry will be on the front lines in Iraq by the end of the month. A story published on Saturday said that Harry, 22, would head to Basra with his fellow soldiers in the Blues and Royals Regiment “within days” and likely could be deployed to the Iran border.

A senior military source told the Mirror that Harry will definitely be going to Iraq and said: “Naturally, his royal status has to be taken into account – but he will see action. He has insisted on being able to perform his duties as any other officer would. He won’t be just flying a desk. As a young officer Harry will want to go to war as a point of pride. There would have been no point in him training for this if that was never going to happen.”

Harry, a second lieutenant in the British army, reportedly “insisted” on going to Iraq and will lead 12 soldiers on reconnaissance missions, which means they could spend days or weeks in the middle of the desert.

Harry has said he has no intentions of letting his troops go off to war without him. He said in a television interview last year, “There’s no way I’m going to put myself through Sandhurst, and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.”

According to the Mirror, Harry threatened to resign his position if not allowed to go to the Middle East. His troops will replace soldiers from the 19th Light Brigade. They will arrive in the middle of a massive security clampdown focused on Baghdad and Basra.

Harry graduated from Sandhurst Military Academy last year. He will be monitored by a more experience soldier. Several members of the Royal family have gone into the military: George II, George the VI, Prince Philip and Prince Andrew. Harry’s older brother, Prince William, also recently graduated from Sandhurst.

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