In New Lane, Acomb, York, Antonia Pearson-Gaballonie, 35, has been convicted of false imprisonment, making threats to kill and six counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm after it was found that she was keeping her sister in law, Veronica Sandeman, now 26, as a slave in her home. Pearson-Gaballonie is a mother of six but it was revealed at her trial that she would force her sister in law to work naked while under her gaze, occasionally abusing her and making her beg for food.

The trial only took a week but Pearson-Gaballonie tried to delay it through whatever means she could including making threats on the life of Sandeman and refusing to enter the dock for her sentencing hearing. Her husband, Neil Pearson, 35, was also found guilty of one count of aiding and abetting an assault and was sentenced to two years.

In a statement to Pearson as he was sentenced, the judge said “In my judgment, you allowed yourself to be affected and overborne by your partner or wife, who is a woman capable of domineering others. The fact is you did take part in a very serious and sustained assault by her upon this vulnerable girl and you held her wrists so she was powerless against you in a very unpleasant and prolonged attack.”

Mother jailed for keeping slave (The Mail)

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