A Railway engineer is suing a railway company over exposure to the deadly carcinogenic asbestos. Ebb Williams Jnr is suing the Kansas City Southern Railway Co over the issue. He claims that as a result of exposure to asbestos during the course of his work he contracted lung disease.

Williams filed his lawsuit against the railway company in Jefferson County District Court at the end of March. He had worked for the company as a locomotive engineer between 1974 and 2002. He claims that during these years he was exposed to the asbestos and other hazardous substances that caused his lung disease.

Having now been diagnosed with asbestosis, which is a lung disease that results from exposure to asbestos, Williams said that his quality of life has been affected and his life expectancy has also been reduced as a result of the illness.

His lawsuit states: “Plaintiff has been informed by his physicians that as a result of his occupational exposure to the harmful and/or hazardous substances with which he was required to work with he is at a significantly increased risk of developing various other medical ailments including, but not limited to, progressive lung disease, bronchogenic carcinomas (including mesothelioma) and gastro-intestinal carcinomas.”

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