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The Left is Right – But for the Wrong Reasons.

We create our own enemies. That has been true throughout history.

When a nation is forced into war with another country, the people often blame the conflict on the aggressiveness and greed of the other nation and rarely considers that they themselves are the cause of the struggle. The Trojan War for the return of the face that launched a thousand ships, the American Revolution against taxation without representation, and the German response to the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I  are all examples of countries creating their enemies.  The Trojan Paris who stole Helen of Troy, King George III of England who punished the colonies for their attempts at independence, and France and England’s forced ruinous reparations on Germany that led to the rise of Adolph Hitler and the start of World War II, all created enemies who saw the other as a threat to their culture and society regardless of it’s ethical or moral standing.

But there have always been voices that asked what they might have done to provoke such a violent response form their neighbor. The voices for peace and restraint in history were few and faint at first, but gained strength as time progressed and today there is a formal and organized movement that not only marches for peace and councils restraint of retaliation but also holds the belief  that America brought upon itself the horrendous attacks of 9-11 and the necessity for the self-defense of the Islamist nations.

This is belief and the mantra of the cultural and political Left. And they believe they are correct in accusing the United States and the emerging 21st century civilization of oppressing and creating enemies around the world. They believe that for us to have peace we must learn to understand why they fear and hate us.

And they are correct – but for the wrong reasons.

The nation of Islam feels threatened by American culture and believes with all its heart that the society it sees is decadent, immoral, even depraved and corrupt and a threat to its very survival. And they are correct. America is a threat to their culture but it’s not the conservative, capitalist right that is to blame, but the Left itself. Look at what the left defends – their agenda.  Pornography, Gangster Rap, TV and radios shows like Sex in the City, South Park, Family Guy (who claim in their show’s musical introduction to be a show about family values) and Howard Stern, nudity, sex and vulgar language in movies, homosexuality, lesbianism, freedom of speech and expression unrestrained by responsibility, and  attacks on the Judeo-Christian religion, to name just a few.

For in any struggle between societies, nations, civilizations or ideologies, you must understand your enemy. We’ll track the modern day Leftist behavior in this blog and how it threatens the iconic ideology of Islam and show why, in their world, Islam feels threatened and perhaps we should show some restraint in the expression of our freedoms and temper it with more responsibility.

In the emerging struggle facing us between a 21st century civilization and a dying 13th century one, we must understand the enemy we created.

Our enemy. Enemy Mine.

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