[If one reads the Gospels, Christians and others will find not one word of disapproval of gays.  The gay hater of the New Testament was ‘Saint’ Paul, the convert who as so many such brought his own prejudices to bear on ‘enemies’ ranging from unconverted Jews to young widows.  His most vicious attack, however, was directed at gays near the beginning of his Letter to the Romans — perhaps anticipating his approach to the major urban center of those days.  His excoriation amounted to a death sentence — which was imposed down through the centuries and reached its climax when the Nazi Christian church and Hitler set out to exterminate both Jews (and lest we forget) gays.  Ironically some of the Nazi leaders themselves were gay, as was apparently J. Edgar Hoover who sought  out gays to punish as subversives and, of course, Joseph McCarthy’s young henchmen, Roy Cohen, who was gay and after a vicious career as a right winger died of AIDS.

It is, then, full well time that Christians and others disassociate themselves from this vicious prejudice, as has the major U.S. Lutheran denomination today.  The man who claims that only members of his Church are Christians, Alexander XVI, has not made the jump yet, alas.  Perhaps his Hitler youth days left the young Ratzinger with this prejudice intact?  Ed Kent]

Christian Post
Lutherans ask bishops to keep gay clergy in ministry
Chicago Tribune – 1 hour ago
By Margaret Ramirez | Tribune religion reporter August 12, 2007 In a historic decision that could shift the future of their church’s policy on sexuality, the nation’s largest Lutheran denomination Saturday urged its bishops to refrain from disciplining …
‘A huge victory’ for gay Lutheran clergy Chicago Sun-Times
Lutherans vote not to punish gay ministers Los Angeles Times
Reuters – Camp KC – Kansas City Star – Austin American-Statesman (subscription)

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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