Let’s face it. This is out of control. They’re not talking to each other, they are threatening, indeed working feverishly towards, all out War! This could get Nuclear! (bush sp).

No, I’m not talking about Iran vs. USA (although that is a pretty messed up thing too!)

No this is much, much worse!

This is Spears vs Federline

Someone has to put a stop to the insanity!

Do you seriously want to see two barbie doll’s making sweaty?

Will you ever be able to look at Britney as an innocent little cheerleader girl again?

Will you ever be able to stand K-Fed’s Rap Songs?

I thought not.

Someone tell the Supreme Court that this Madness has to be adjudicated for the sake of the Nation, no, the World. Call Kafi at the UN! Is Condi available for mediation?

This is a open call for dialogue and reason by both partys. Let’s end this ‘Oops’ before it’s too late!

Zenny, Marriage Counselor to the Stars

posted by ZenShadow of Shadow World

remember the good times!

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