“Enchanted” is one of those movies – which like “The Princess Bride” can be enjoyed by children for the straight-forward story of fairy-tale characters cast into the real world, and by adults for the skewed sensibility and sly wit involved. The animated opening is a picture-perfect parody of classic Disney movies involving a lovely heroine with a penchant for bursting into song as she is attended by helpful animals, a swashbuckling handsome prince and his wicked Queen stepmother, an adorably cute talking chipmunk, true loves’ kiss, et cetera, et cetera. It’s a good-natured and affectionate send-up of the genre, and in the general gloom, doom and heavy-handed-message pictures which came out about the same time over the holiday season, it shown all the more brightly

Dumped into a magic well by the wicked stepmother, Giselle (Amy Adams) – dressed in a hugely crinolined white dress that looks like Scarlett O’Hara’s nightmare – emerges in the middle New York, followed closely by her Prince (James Marsden), his not-so-loyal henchman Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) and Pip the Chipmunk. Giselle finds refuge with a cynical divorce attorney Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his naturally princess-adoring small daughter… although her penchant for making clothes out of draperies is at least as unsettling as being able to summon helpful animals to clean up their apartment. As it is the city, the animals that come and cheerfully set to work scrubbing, straightening and putting to rights are pigeons, rats and a bevy of roaches. About the only bigger show stopper than that is the sequence in Central Park when Giselle sings about knowing the one you love and manages to scoop in a chorus of grooms and their brides, street performers, construction workers into one grand set-piece. Will she be rescued by her fairy-tale prince, the earnest and endearingly dorky Prince Edward, and find true love with him… or perhaps Robert might turn out to be her real-life prince. Will henchman Nathanial run out of clever disguises as he conspires to keep Giselle and Edward apart? Will Pip the Chipmunk ever be able to successfully mime a warning to Prince Edward… and finally, how did Susan Saranden manage to keep a straight face as the evil stepmother Queen Nerissa?

Enchanted is available March 18th from Amazon.com and other retail outlets

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