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Group files suit to stop 9-11 memorial

Liberty State Park, along the Hudson River, in New Jersey, is where the memorial is to be built.  The site for the memorial [called Empty Sky] is opposite lower Manhatten, where the World Trade Center once stood, and aligns itself across the river with that location.  The ‘Friends of Liberty State Park’ claim construction of the memorial will block their view of the New York City skyline, which means their gripe is most likely about property value.

Looking at the layout of the project on the FSA website [linked below], I just don’t see it.  Overall height of the memorial tops out at 30 feet, and it sits on the water’s edge in the park, quite a distance from any residential dwelling, far enough from the nearest hi-rise that seeing beyond it is no problem.  Makes one wonder what is really behind the complaint.

Full Story: CNS News

Architects Renderings: FSA

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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