The inevitable has happened with Musharraf applying the doctrine of pre-emption to render the Pakistan Supreme Court irrelevant. While the fate of the Chief Justice Ifthikar Choudhary is unclear, the writing on the wall must have been amply clear with Benazir Bhutto’s flight to Dubai ostensibly to visit family. Offstumped had recently characterised Pakistan as Frankensteinistan. Nitin over at the Acorn saw this coming a few days back as well. The first political reactions from India came from BJP Leader and Leader of the Opposition L.K. Advani, speaking on Sahara Samay who hinted at a wait and watch mood in New Delhi.  A chatty Nawaz Sharif who was recently deported back to Saudi Arabia after an aborted attempt at returning to Pakistan has been doing the rounds on Indian News Channels calling Musharraf a Terrorist. Given the many conflicts within Pakistan it is perhaps too early to call how events will play out in Islamabad. But the chaos in Pakistan is an opportunity for India to move on Jammu and Kashmir. A Frankenstein Nation governed by a discredited regime has forfeited what little stakes it had to join the party in shaping Kashmir’s destiny. The events in Pakistan must leave a lasting impression on those Kashmiri minds that nurtured foolish hopes of  a future with Pakistan. The message from Islamabad is loud and clear, there can be no meaningful future with Pakistan as Pakistan itself grapples with questions about its future. The waning violence and a willing Hurriyat open to the idea of contesting elections are a signal for India that now is the time to make concrete moves on Kashmir.  By weaning away the moderates to corner the extremists, the Manmohan Singh’s UPA Government must get over its paralysis on the Indo-US Nuclear Deal to exploit this moment of truth.

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