The writer George Orwell wrote of the want the rich and powerful to establish standards for the betterment of all yet retain the right to behave as they will under the ancient concept of noble right, Benefit of clergy was once a legal concept invoked by Priests, Bishops and ranking Nobles to avoid consequences for moral indiscretion.Elliot Spitzer has sent many an individual to jail, destroyed many a career and inflicted much suffering on others and today he would attempt to exercise the concept of behavior without consequence.

In my youth I spent a great deal of my trust fund on Booze, broads, weed and dice and would do it all over again, no apology or need to justify my morality or behavior to others.

Elliot came preaching morals whilst laying with Whores, the whores were of better character in my observation and I would encourage them to tell all and make a ton of cash, these are not poor girls from destitute circumstances,

At $3300 per hour Elliot was with women of better breeding than the “john” they serviced. The print press in New York is going to eat him alive because for years they believed he was pure, He has no friends in local politics because he has spent years destroying others for character faults and petty indiscretion, The “progressive” left wing of the democratic party which actually controls some of the sites I cross post on has always been quick to cry Witch at others and turn a blind eye to the sin in its own camp

The intellects are already coming to his defense, Poor Elliot they say, I say pity his wife and Daughters, the man put others in jail and boasted of his values and morality, that he is a democrat only makes it worse, that he is an Obama supporter compounds the problem. Trust me the GOP swift boat fleet is already white boarding the commercial if its Barack in the fall. When a crime buster, that was what they called him crime buster, when he transgresses the law the punishment ought to be a hundred fold.

When the democratic party retakes the White House next November, I would hope Hillay, or Barack imposes a standard of responsibility that is harsh when it comes to deception, abuse of power and straight up bullshit. Mr Spitzer is deserves to be shunned in the political sense, His wife and Children deserve our sympathy and compassion. We deserve better from our public servants, that’s my view yours may be different

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