Before Elliot Rodger went on his killing spree he clearly spent a good deal of time writing down his thoughts, you can’t slap together a hundred and forty pages of text in a couple of hours.

The mass media are referring to his writings as a manifesto, I disagree, having read it in its entirety I view more as a story, a book, biography. If you have not read it you can find a copy here. It is not what I had expected. It is for the most part well written and lucid, far from the incoherent ramblings of a madman that I had expected. In fact it is the sort of story that a novelist might come up with. Unfortunately it is not a work of fiction, there are the dead and wounded to attest to its authenticity.

Much of his anger  is aimed at women, particularly blondes, but he also hated the young men that associated with blondes.

As I noted earlier, this story obviously took a great deal of time to construct. Although I am clearly outraged by what Elliot Rodger did, I decided to take a step back and do what I do, review books and a book most certainly is what this young albeit deranged man has left us as evidence.

For an FBI profiler it is nothing short of a text book, I am sure it will be required reading in the classroom. Putting on my reviewers hat for a moment. Every book needs three essential parts, the beginning, the middle, and the end. OK, I hear you say, “well that is obvious”.  The beginning must contain what is known as ‘the hook’, this is a line or paragraph to engage the reader  to read on. Usually ‘the hook’ is in the first 20 pages. Elliot puts it in the first paragraph.

Humanity… All of my suffering on this world has been at the hands of humanity, particularly women. It has made me realize just how brutal and twisted humanity is as a species. All I ever wanted was to fit in and live a happy life amongst humanity, but I was cast out and rejected, forced to endure an existence of loneliness and insignificance, all because the females of the human species were incapable of seeing the value in me.

The more I read, the more I began to look at the other elements, plot and character development. Both were well (excuse the pun) well executed.

But the question remains, why would a troubled young man go to these lengths? Why not just a two page babble about how awful the world is? Maybe I am on completely the wrong track, but I will share a theory. Elliot Rodger was an abject failure at everything he attempted in life. He was not a great student because in the learning environment he was just one of the crowd and not the center of attention. This was a huge problem for a boy used to getting everything he wanted.

Women were his other nemesis. From reading My Twisted World there is a pattern that emerges and it is not a pretty one. Women just don’t like him. This gave me pause for thought. I took myself back to when I was a teenager. I was always on the prowl for sex! So what went wrong with Elliot Rodger?

What made him snap?

Simon Barrett








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