Back in May when the California Supreme Court struck down the ban on gay marriages ruling that it was unconstitutional, Ellen decided to announce on her own talk show that she and Portia were going to get married. When she made the announcement she received a standing ovation from her audience.

In June Ellen gave Portia a 3 carat diamond ring set on a pink pave band while they attended the Daytime Emmy Awards together.

I am one of Ellen’s fans. She is from my neck of the woods, which is New Orleans Louisiana. I want to say that naturally that alone is a good enough reason for me to like her but it isn’t the only one.

Ellen is funny, she has a great personality and she has a huge heart. She has a need to help other in times of disasters by raising money on her TV Talk Show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

So Saturday was Ellen and Portia’s day and I would love to tell them both congratulations. They look so happy together.

The wedding was held at their $29 million home in Beverly Hills Saturday with a group of 19 people of close friends and family. Among the guests were Ellen’s mother Betty and Portia’s mother, Margaret Rogers who flew in from Australia for the wedding.

Ellen made headline news when her TV show “Ellen” was airing in 1997 which her character came “out of the closet” making it the first to do so on a prime time TV show. This was decided after a month or so prior she appeared on the cover of Time Magazine with her confession that she was a lesbian.

So once again congratulations to Ellen and Portia. I hope the two of you stay happy together forever.

Jan Barrett

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