Elizabeth Olten disappeared on October 21, 2009 when she was on her way home from a friend’s house about a half a mile from her home. Elizabeth has been described by family and friends as a bashful fourth grader. She was the youngest of five children and she loved cats. She was afraid of the dark and would not have normally gone into the woods alone.

Two days after Elizabeth disappeared her body was found after the teenage suspect led authorities to her body in the wooded area which is near her home. Sheriff Greg White of Cole County says the area had been searched previously but she had been very well concealed.

He would not however give any details about how Elizabeth was killed. “We were able to obtain some physical evidence and through some analysis of some of the evidence and in all honesty some written off evidence, we were able to develop a person of interest,” said Sheriff White. “Once we reached that person and interviewed then ultimately they led us to where we’ve discovered Elizabeth’s body.”

A teenage suspect is now in custody and at first because of her age it wasn’t revealed who she is or if she was male or female. I have to admit I was stunned when I read where ABC News announced it was a 15 year old female. Quite honestly it just took me by surprise for some reason.

The teenage suspect is to appear in court today for a hearing to determine whether she should remain in jail or if she should be released into her family’s custody until her next hearing. Samantha Green of Cole County Juvenile Detention, said, “It will be the judge’s obligation to look at the individual and look at her, excuse me, look at the juvenile’s circumstances.”

The teen’s attorney, Kurt Valentine, refers to his client as a child and urges the officials to be cautious with their judgments of her. “I would ask that they wait, that they listen to the facts as they come out and not judge quickly,” said Valentine. “Learn about this person, learn about this child. You’re dealing with a child.”

Family and friends are gathering today for the funeral services of Elizabeth. My heart goes out to her loved ones that she left behind to mourn for her. I pray that God be with them all.

Please remember your prayers for all the missing and abused and murdered children. I pray that Adji Desir and Haleigh Cummings will one day soon be found by Thanksgiving if not before to give us all some more the be thankful for during the upcoming holidays.

Jan Barrett

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