This election season, the Republican party seems to have found a specialty; it goes like this: “Look who my opponent has associated with in the past.”

Now that IS a valid question . . . AND a valid test of character! A person does choose his/her friends and associates among those who reflect the qualities that he/she admires, enjoys and hopes (sometimes secretly) to emulate. Politics aside, be honest — that’s how you choose your friends, right?

The McCain camp has used this tactic fairly effectively against Obama, because it seems that much of Obama’s political life has been filled with anarchists, America haters and other disreputable types . . . well at least I think that this type of person can fairly be called ‘disreputable’.

Now look what happened when Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole tried that tactic — or at least a similar tactic – against her North Carolina opponent Sen. Kay Hagan:

Senator Dole’s campaign released a video ad that accused Senator Hagan of being “godless” because she attended a fundraiser at the home of Woody Kaplan a member of the advisory board of the “Godless Americans Political Action Committee”, which supports the separation of church and state and consists mainly of atheists. Dole’s ad made it sound like Hagan was secretly attending a meeting with only ‘Godless Americans’ in attendance and implied that she secretly ‘made promises’ to these folks, when the fact is Mr, Kaplan was the only member of that organization in attendance and the gathering was also attended by a U.S. Ambassador and by Senator John Kerry. Additionally, Sen. Hagan is reportedly a regular church goer and, by some accounts, also a Sunday School teacher.

The response in the news media was immediate and overwhelming:

The Kansas City Star editorial page proclaimed: “Elizabeth Dole deserves to lose for cheap-shot godless ad”

The Miami Herald headline read: “Voters, church leader speak out against Dole’s `godless’ ad”

Sen. Hagan’s response was also immediate: her campaign released a video response and Sen, Hagan filed a lawsuit charging the Dole campaign with defamation and libel.

You can see both videos, Dole’s charge and Hagan’s response HERE.

It is apparent that, in Sen. Dole’s mind, Hagan’s brief association with atheists (well, at least one atheist) is as bad as Obama’s continual association with people who hate America, have no respect for our Constitution and want to convert our political system to a quasi-socialist system. It’s also apparent that Elizabeth Dole is a ‘Christian bigot!

Bad girl Elizabeth! Criticize a persons politics all day long but stay away from their religion. You were elected as a senator to serve your country, our Constitution and our political system . . . not to serve your church.

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