In an article posted on AOL News, an environmental group tested cats and dogs and found some had higher levels of chemicals than humans.

The analysis, released today, by the Washington, D.C.-based Environmental Working Group found levels of brominated flame retardants (used in furniture, fabrics and electronics) in cats 23 times higher than in humans, and mercury levels (likely from fish in pet foods) five times higher. In dogs, levels of perfluorinated chemicals (from stain- and grease-proof coatings) were 2.4 times higher than in people. Overall, 35 chemicals in dogs and 46 in cats were found.

The research used blood and urine samples from 35 dogs and 37 cats collected at Hanover Animal Hospital in Mechanicsville, Va., in December and January.

Professor Larry Glickman, of environmental health at Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in West Lafayette, Ind., says the testing “raises tantalizing questions. These things are just too controversial to ignore. We’ll need to figure out how widespread this contamination is, where’s it coming from and whether it’s associated with adverse health events.”

“Because cats are finicky, owners find a food they like and stick to it. If they’re eating only one thing, and there are toxins in it, then it would be concentrated, which could explain the high levels of mercury in cats. The same could apply to dogs, especially because they’re often fed organ meat,” says Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University who’s researching a book on pet food.

Pets’ high levels of exposure come about because they spend their days in direct contact with floors and the ground, where dust, dirt, chemicals and pesticides concentrate. So making sure your pets are housed in a clean environment and monitoring their food intake may be the first steps to correcting the problem.

One thing is certain, pets are accumulating higher levels of chemicals into their bodies and something needs to be done.

For the complete article on this topic please visit AOL News.

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