We elected Barak Obama as a ‘stealth candidate’ – no one really knew very much about him other than he wasn’t Bush.  We later come to find out that Barak Obama considers the Constitution to be a ‘flawed document’, and stated as much on many occasions.  Barak Obama even went as far as to say that the Supreme Court should “break free” from the Constitution.

Forget Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan for a moment – do Barak Obama’s views worry you yet?  Break away from the Constitution?  To what end?

The answer to that isn’t entirely unpredictable – Unprecedented expansion of government, pandering to unions, unmitigated power grab by the federal government.  These socialist and progressive policies harken back to the days of Woodrow Wilson, whose policies were the shining example to Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin.

Moreover, we’re already seeing the beginnings of Barak Obama’s attempt to realize FDR’s Second Bill of Rights.  Another Wilsonian attempt at fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

So, where does that leave us with Elena Kagan?

She’s a stealth candidate with very little history to investigate.

She’s never been a judge.

She’s taken clearly socialist positions.

She’s progressive on executive power she’s all for it in the same way Woodrow Wilson was).

Where does this leave We The People?

A Socialist/Progressive President Barak Obama stumping for a Socialist Progressive stealth Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan who has little history to poke at.

We’ve been tricked once before – shame on Barak Obama.  If we allow him to trick us again with Elana Kagan, shame on us.

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