According to a recent report an elementary school in East Hampton is still set to open on schedule in September, despite rumours that this might not happen due to asbestos work that had been carried out. Confirmation of the school’s reopening has come from the area’s superintendent of schools.

Raymond Gualtieri, East Hampton ’s superintendent of schools, said that the John M Marshall Elementary School will re-open as scheduled on September 3 rd of this year. Asbestos work had to be carried out in all three of the districts schools, but the works have now been completed at the elementary and middle schools.

He added that construction workers were now getting the building ready for re-opening, and that they should be ready on or ahead of schedule. Once the buildings have been re-opened any concerned parents will be able to go in and view the abatement procedures for reassurance.

Gualtieri said that work had been going well when he did a site inspection earlier in the week. He said: “They’re doing the bathrooms and locker rooms right now, all the ceiling tiles are ripped out in the hallways, and new floors are going down there. The only blip in the middle school is we don’t have the new lighting fixtures for the hallways, so the contractor is putting the old ones back up for the time being.”

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