Electoral College Scandal:
At Least One California Elector is Dead

Dead people voting

Dead people are voting in the Electoral College? What’s up with that?

From Electoral College scam: Where dead people vote; Lawyer challenging eligibility seeks investigation of process

According to Gary Kreep, executive director of the United States Justice Foundation, the clerks have been advised about the “irregularity” in the list of electors provided by the Democratic Partyin California.

“In the 28th Congressional District (Congressman Howard Berman), situated in Los Angeles County, Ilene Huber is listed as the presidential elector designated in that district. However, as shown in the attached certified statement of Dean C. Logan, registrar-recorder/county clerk of the county of Los Angeles, state of California, there is no Ilene Huber listed as a registered voter in the County of Los Angeles. A statewide search of public records has revealed only one Ilene Huber in the state of California, and she is deceased-a copy of her certificate of death is attached hereto as well,” the advisory said.

“Further, according to Chris Myers, director of research for the California Democratic Party, who submitted the list of presidential electors for the Democratic Party to the office of the California secretary of state
, there are additional, undisclosed, ‘errors’ in the list of electors. This admission was made in a telephone conversation with a representative of the American Independent Party on or about November 20, 2008,” the letter continued.

The rest of the USJF letter is at World Net Daily.

What other related lawsuits are the United States Justice Foundation involved in that concern the Obama citizenship question?

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The U.S. Justice Foundation has previously announced that they will file lawsuits every time Barack Obama takes action as president–until he produces an original birth certificate. [Orders from new president to spark lawsuit every time]

The USJF also is a plaintiff in one other high-profile case.

Continue reading: Dead California Elector: Irregularities Found in California

by Mondo Frazier
Source: Dead California Elector: Irregularities Found in California

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