A TOI study in Karnataka has revealed that “Corruption” is one of the major issues in Karnataka.

Mr Rahul Gandhi in a speech yesterday, has stated that BJP has created a world record in corruption in Karnataka. Perhaps he was refering to Mr Yeddyurappa’s regime. Presently Mr Yeddyurappa is in KJP and hence his misdeeds cannot be attributed to the current BJP regime. However within the short time available BJP after Mr Yeddyurappa did not take steps to erase the association of corruption. Since some BJP leaders continue to talk of bringing back Mr Yeddyuappa into BJP, the tag of corruption will continue.

The Non performance of BJP after Yeddy is therefore as much a contributor to the continued corrupt image of Karnataka BJP during this election.

I also feel that the BJP following casteist approach to leader selection is also another form of corruption which still applies to the current BJP team.

Unfortunately, people of Karnataka know that Mr Rahul Gandhi is always uninformed on worldly issues and hence is unaware of Coalgate scam and the 2G scams. Otherwise who is India dare to challenge the world records in corruption repeatedly set by UPA? Mr Yeddyurappa’s mistake was that he did not know how to commit corruption without being detected and how to defend after detection. UPA is a master of both corruption and post detection management.

If Corruption is a prime election issue in Karnataka it is as much because of the daily dose of news we keep getting from Delhi rather than the local corruption news which are at least a few month old.

We the citizens of Karnataka should therefore ensure that we donot vote for any corrupt candidate.

If in the process we have to vote for an independent or a minor party like Loksatta which may not be able to form a Government, it is still worth as a “Voice of Protest”.

If in a bid to vote for a “Stable” Government we support any of the corrupt politicians, we will only make things worse for the next 5 years. ├é┬áInstead of such “Stable Corrupt” Government, it is better to let the Governor rule the State.


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