I get the strangest emails. With the election just around the corner I have noticed a distinct uptick in the number of political oriented messages. I belong to no politically motivated organizations, but somehow they still manage to email me.

Without doubt the strangest email I have received was sent anonymously and merely contained a link to download a video. Common sense tells you that taking candy from a stranger is a bad idea. In the world of the internet opening files from strangers is a surefire recipe for getting a nasty virus. I am a recovering ‘geekaholic’ and so the threat of a virus does not scare me. I took the risk and downloaded the file. I was glad I did!

Whoever put this video together clearly understands the current political climate.

PT Barnum had it right. Success is all about Steak and Sizzle. He was short on Steak, but boy could he sell the Sizzle! Looking at the situation we find ourselves in with the 2012 Election, one wonders if either side has any steak, or is it all sizzle?

There is no doubt that my favorite part of the video is:


People wonder if President Obama deserves another four years in power? Pundits ask the question are we better now than we were 4 years ago? The Democratic ‘spin meisters’ assure us that we are. As Bill Clinton so eloquently put it, Obama inherited a disaster that no president could fix in 4 years. The Republicans have a different view. So who is right? That question has no answer because alas we cannot turn the clock back.

People also wonder about Vice President Joe Biden. There are some that ask what his ‘day job’ is? Lets face it, you could bump into him in the Supermarket and not recognize him. What has he been doing for the past 4 years? Al Gore at least invented the internet and Global Warming. But what has Joe Biden done? I doubt that 50% of the population could even tell you who the Vice President is.

On the Republican side we have Mitt Romney. He speaks a good line, but can he actually do anything? There is a quote attributed, although questioned from the late Everett McKinley Dirksen ‘ a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money’. Of course mere billions matter not any more. A trillion here, and a trillion there is more modern version.

Paul Ryan is the final component. I have to admit that I see an uncanny resemblance between Ryan and Eddie Munster.

The question I have, does it matter anymore? Does your vote count? Are we just bystanders of a PT Barnum extravaganza?

Simon Barrett

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