This may sound like blasphemy to you folks that love politics. But to me, the entire adventure has been one long bore, and I can’t wait for it to be over. In my mind, it doesn’t matter two hoots, Republicans or Democrats, they have the same ‘Big Government’ attitude.

It seems to matter not what news channel you watch, it is wall to wall election news. Who cares? About the only fun part of the entire election process was Larry Sinclair, who gained brief notoriety by claiming to have had sexual relations with Obama while they were in the back of a limo cruising around Washington DC. It was at best a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but it made for some fun stories.

McCain on the other hand has managed to mostly dodge the smear bullets. However his campaign has spent a great deal of money talking trash. Oh, come to think about it, both of them have.

I guess you could peg me as a news junkie, I certainly spend most of my waking hours watching the news channels. However, for the past two months, there has been no news. CNN, and their daughter station Headline News, have abandoned the concept of reporting the news in favor of reporting election stuff.  FOX are not far behind!

I can’t wait for today to be over with, maybe we can actually get back to having some real news.

If we get McCained, so be it, if we get Obama-ramered thats OK as well. All I ask for is a return to actually having news. I personally could care less than less about SNL, or the various Joes. I have met a lot of fine people in my time named Joe. Yes, one or two may well have been plumbers, one or two have been authors and film makers, a couple have been musicians. The point is, I don’t give a damn.

To quote, or rather misquote Shakespeare in his great play Macbeth “Out Out brief plumber”.

The election has come down to sound bites, and edited video clips. All of the news organizations are salivating over November 4th. Yet it is going to be a day of zero news. Following exit poll leaks in prior years, the mainstream media has vowed to keep that data secret. So we are faced with the daunting task of listening to the ‘talking heads’ pontificate without actually saying anything.

Maybe I can find a McGuyver rerun on one of the cable channels, anything, but the election.

Simon Barrett

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