We use the bus a lot here for transportation but I don’t ever remember being approached by any salesperson trying to sell me some off the wall item. This poor elderly woman unfortunately wasn’t so lucky in Vancouver on June 10th. She was standing at the bus stop when a young Asian woman approached her and started talking to her about this bracelet that she had in her pocket. She told the woman that it brought one good luck and good health.

While they talked a second woman walked up and joined in the conversation and acted really interested in the bracelet. A few minutes later a third woman walked up and pretended to over hear their conversation and told the others that she has one of those bracelets and brags to them about how good it has been for her.

After a bit of more talk the three women convinced the elderly woman that she should buy one. They negotiated for the final price of $20,000. Now no one walks around with that kind of cash on them so naturally the woman had to go get the cash from her bank. The three women escorted her to her bank but carefully avoided any security cameras by waiting for the woman outside the bank. When she came out and gave them the money one of the women told her to be sure not to tell her family about the bracelet or it would lose it’s magical powers and it would no longer work.

The women, who were all three Asian, took off after that. The next day either she got worried or she found the bracelet not to be working one, but the woman decided to tell her family about purchasing it and they notified the police.

According to The Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Police official Constable Jana McGuinness said Friday that this was a case of preying on an elderly, vulnerable woman and put out a plea to anyone else that has had this happen to them to please come forward. She realizes it could be embarrassing but if people don’t come forward with information about these people they will never be caught.

Jan Barrett

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