Egypt will host talks between the major Palestinian factions about an intra-Palestine cease-fire. Egypt is meeting separately with each faction’s representatives, having already hosted Hamas and Fatah, and currently speaking with Islamic Jihad.

Each faction is being asked to prepare its position on a cease-fire, which they hope will be amalgamated into a single proposal, which would be an addendum to the Mecca agreement that governs the power-sharing between Hamas and Fatah, Palestine’s two biggest political factions.

There is also some possibility of discussing a cease-fire with Israel. Egypt, one of the few countries in the Middle East that is formally at peace with Israel, hopes that the two discussions will be complementary, an Egyptian source told Ha’aretz.

Hamas rejected one such ceasefire proposal with Israel earlier this week because it required that rocket attacks from the West Bank before the agreement was applied.

But today the Palestinian Cabinet agreeing to the terms of a cease-fire proposal that it will give to Israel to end the violence in the West Bank and Gaza. This proposal calls for a simultaneous end to attacks, and it remains to be seen what Israel’s response will be.

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