Effective Management-Truth is the roof-Kudos Freedomnewspaper!

By Essa Bokarr Sey

We once heard this from traditional Nigeria:-“….When the lizard falls from the top of an Iroko tree if anyone does not praise the lizard,it will praise itself….” This is why I chose to use the traditional values therefore send countless “Kudos” to the management of the paper. The heat is too much but there are characters working as insulators. The dedication is next to nothing!  This is not cheap dedication.

Today we have realised the outcome of effective services and management. Wolof Njie said:”Lou-deffou-wahou-lou-aaye-dih-jambatt” Meaning:”actions can either cause discussions or complaints” Our actions on this medium of communication have not been based on self expression. These actions have been based on WINNING OR DYING. Collin Powell said:”So far,so good”
This is why I will also say this to Pa Nderry and Omar Bah:” Enter to strive go forth to complete”.
The latest news says so much about how much dedicated journalists can propel the combustion engines of a flying machine of change! Checks and balances cannot be complete without impartial journalism. This is why this trade is called “quatrieme branche du pouvoir” Meaning “it is the forth branch of power”
 Civics taught us legislature,executive and judiciary. Why the word power in this short and powerful phrase? Power here is not dictatorial,power here means journalism serves the people. The colour of news is determined by the colour of society. Society makes news. This is why English said:-“..No news is good news..”
News has many terms attached to it. One of them could be,the outstanding happenings of society. What is outstanding? Extreme good or extreme bad! This is exactly what journalism does. This exactly why I can stand to be counted while walking the walk with these true sons of Africa. Africa has seen its dawn so nothing can stop us from receiving this promising day light God willing.
Thank you very much Mr Mbai and Mr Bah. The same line of appreciations goes to our supportive brother in United Kingdom Michael Scales. We do also appreciate what our brothers and sisters in Sweden are contributing. These ideas are “seeding” a lot of good for our beloved land.
Long live freedom of expression!
Long live emancipation from mental slavery!
God Bless The Gambia!!!
The struggle CONTINUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Signed….Essa Bokarr Sey  a son of The Gambia.
Posted on Monday, July 30, 2007 (Archive on Monday, August 20, 2007)
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