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John Edwards, Rielle Hunter are Both Lucky People
A Curious Collection of Curious Facts Arouse No Curiosity In the Usually-Curious Mainstream Media

Earlier this week, photos of a pregnant Rielle Hunter, a woman who had produced some campaign videos for the Edwards campaign were released in the National Enquirer.

Above the photo, the headline read: “John Edwards Love Child Scandal”; beneath it, the details of an alleged affair between Hunter and Edwards.

Two months back, the Enquirer had released an account of John Edwards cheating on his wife, Elizabeth with an “unnamed woman”. The story claimed that the affair could “wreck John Edwards campaign”.

The Mainstream press printed the swift denials by Edwards almost immediately. Associated Press and most print publications were quick to pick up on Edwards’ labeling the accusations “ridiculous”. “The story is false.” It’s completely untrue.”

The Mainstream press, as well as a variety of liberal bloggers, published vigorous denunciations of the National Enquirer, Salon’s Mickey Kaus and Sam Stein of the Huffington Post. All were along the theme of the Enquirer’s slimy trashy untruthful reporting of gossip.

Stein had earlier reported in HuffPo about the curious disappearance of some Hunter-produced videos for the Edwards campaign. Kaus had wondered about the video’s producer and her links to the Edwards campaign.

One other denunciation was also published. This one was perhaps not as widely read or noticed.

The day after the Enquirer’s article was published, Rielle Hunter released a statement on denouncing the National Enquirer’s story.

Why did Hunter, whose involvement with the Edwards campaign–according to her statement–ended 10 months earlier, feel it necessary to issue a statement about the Enquirer “lies”?

Shortly after issuing her denunciation, Hunter moved to North Carolina from New York, into a gated community within five miles of the Edwards campaign headquarters.


The house she relocated to is owned by a backer of the Edwards campaign.


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John Edwards Scandal, The Press: Campaign’s Curious Connections with Rielle Hunter Excite No Mainstream Curiosity


John Edwards Scandal, The Press: Campaign’s Curious Connections with Rielle Hunter Excite No Mainstream Curiosity

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