Some Say John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Sex Scandal Is Work of Clintons

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Does Hillary Stand to Gain From Scandal?

Rumor does not always err; it sometimes even elects a man. Author: Tacitus (Caius Cornelius Tacitus)
John Edwards is the candidate with the most to lose in the National Enquirer’s scandal about him and former campaign worker/docudrama producer Rielle Hunter.

But who stands to gain?

Rumors have started flying it is Hillary Clinton. And already reports are being filed that The National Enquirer is owned by a former Clinton employee.

Is that true?

Or is it just a counter to the PR nightmare that’s swamping the Edwards’ campaign about the love child supposedly carried by Rielle Hunter.

Hunter was formerly known as Lisa Druck.
The National Enquirer claims John Edwards not only cheated on his terminally ill wife Elizabeth, but that the “alleged” affair has produced an Edwards’ byproduct.

Even though the alleged mistress, six months pregnant Reille Hunter, claims the baby is not Edwards and Edwards denies the affair, the rumor has spun off yet another rumor, this time pointed squarely at the Clintons as the potential source.

From Politico:

What the tabloid’s readers, in politics and out, may not know is that a key owner of the Enquirer is a prominent New York investment banker and one of Hillary Clinton’s key backers, Roger Altman. Altman was an official in the first Clinton administration, and his name is often mentioned as a possible Clinton Treasury Secretary.

Do two negatives make a positive?

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Edwards Alleged Love Child Sex Scandal: Clintons  Orchestrated Rumors?


Edwards Alleged Love Child Sex Scandal: Clintons  Orchestrated Rumors?

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