During her speech yesterday at the national VFW convention, Democratic frontrunner Sen. Hillary Clinton said that the troop surge in Iraq is working but that the Iraqi government is “out to lunch” and they have left the American troops caught in a civil war. Clinton said about the troop surge, “its working. We’re just years too late in changing our tactics. We can’t ever let that happen again. We can’t be fighting the last war. We have to keep preparing to fight the new war.” Clinton’s statement that the troop surge is working brought about a critical response from John Edwards.

In a statement Edwards said, “Senator Hillary Clinton’s view that the president’s Iraq policy is ‘working’ is another instance of a Washington politician trying to have it both ways. You cannot be for the President’s strategy in Iraq but against the war. The American people deserve straight talk and real answers on Iraq, not double-speak, triangulation, or political positioning… As Senator Clinton has observed, words have consequences – and she was right. Suggesting that the surge is working completely misrepresents the facts about Iraq. By cherry-picking one instance to validate a failed Bush strategy, it risks undermining the effort in the Congress to end this war.”

Edwards called on Clinton to use her power to help cut off funding for the war. “The only answer to the conflict in Iraq is a political solution involving all Iraqi and regional parties. Senator Edwards hopes that Senator Clinton will reconsider her ill-advised statement and reaffirm her dedication to using Congress’ constitutional funding power to end this war and help achieve the political solution that would establish stability in Iraq and bring our brave soldiers home to the heroes’ welcome they deserve. Senator Edwards has called for an immediate reduction of 40,000 to 50,000 troops to stop the surge and get all regional parties to begin to find a political solution, for a diplomatic offensive with all regional parties, and for all combat troops to be withdrawn within the next year. With these steps, we can finally put Iraq on the path to stability.”

This is the kind of talking out of both sides of her mouth that drives me crazy about Clinton. She is so afraid of losing votes that she tries to be everything to everyone. To me this also another sign that beneath all the anti-war talk that she has adopted, Hillary the Hawk is still alive and well. Edwards was right to call her on this.

Clinton isn’t what she is trying to sell herself as to the voters. It boggles my mind that so many Democratic voters are going to be dumb enough to vote for a candidate who not only supported the war, but also supports the troop surge. I still believe that if Clinton’s last name was Jones or Smith, there is no way that she would be taken seriously as a candidate, much less have the Democratic nomination virtually handed to her.

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