, an emerging leader in trade school and vocational school program offerings, announces the latest report on Post Secondary Education.

According to the Census Bureau, the median cost of housing has risen by 27 percent in the last few years, and homeowner’s insurance rates, rent prices, and property taxes are up — unlike most paychecks.

What are Americans doing about it? Pamela Robertson of says, “They’re going back to school.” More than 228,000 students are enrolled in post secondary courses with ages ranging from 15 to over 65. In fact, the largest group of students enrolled in vocational schools — around 70,500 — is aged 45 to 64 years old according to Census Bureau numbers. 

With Trade Schools, Vocational Schools and More, There’s Something For Everyone

Robertson states, “The 228,000 students in the United States come from various educational and work experience backgrounds. Some haven’t earned their high school diplomas while others have a bachelor’s degree or higher. For personal fulfillment, more money, or a change of pace, the reasons for attending training courses are as diverse as the students who fill the seats.”

Trade school programs available are equally diverse. From culinary training to fashion design to auto mechanics, there are hundreds of programs available at thousands of post-secondary schools. Students can earn a certificate, associates, bachelors, or master’s degree, and can learn in variety of settings.

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