Yahya Jammeh Should Consider Going On Sick Leave!!!

The aids pandemic or scourge as its widely referred to, must be tackled with seriousness by our political leaders if they truly meant well for the people of the continent. Political will and grassroots participation is crucial in Africa’s efforts to bring an end to this dreadful disease. In the absence of political will, Aids would continue to ravage the continent. Our leaders should lead by example by ensuring that voluntary HIV testing is encouraged at all levels. This would go a long way in helping communities to know their HIV status. Fighting HIV/Aids requires serious aids policies as well.

As the world commemorates World Aids Day, we call on Gambians and non Gambians alike to continue to show love, compassion, respect and care to Aids patients around the world. No one is immune from catching aids and therefore we should accommodate those affected by this global pandemic.

Having said that, it’s imperative to note that bush doctors such as President Yahya Jammeh must be cautioned before they make the Gambia a full blown Aids destination. Jammeh by all standards, is spreading HIV/Aids in The Gambia. His actions and personal comportment suggests that he careless for the plight of HIV patients in this country.

Little did Mr,Jammeh knows that his false Aids cure claims would further aggravates the country’s Aids crisis. Being the foolish President he is, Jammeh stupidly parades himself before the State Television calling himself as Gambia’s new Medical myth. With little or no health background, Jammeh is giving false hope to the nation’s HIV sufferers.

In The Gambia, HIV/Aids is not considered as a major health problem by the Government. They issue mixed messages in a bid to frustrate ongoing efforts to tackle the pandemic. The President wants Gambians to believe his lies that there is cure for Aids. He also wants to use his Aids cure program to divert people’s attention from pressing national matters.

Today, The Gambia has been reduced as a laughing stock in the eyes of the civilized world. For the first time in living memory an African President has been proven to be insane. Jammeh’s actions suggest that he is mentally unstable to run the affairs of this country. He is not only sick in the head, but retarded as hell. Mr.Jammeh needs rehabilitation before he would undress naked and start talking in the streets of Banjul.

Jammeh’s madness took him to the health sector and serial killings. He woke up every morning with new discoveries. What we have is a sick President trying to treat a sick nation. Many shall die in the hands of this sick President. By the time Gambians realize Jammeh’s madness, it is already late in the day.

Our Correspondent Mamat Taal did a pretty good journalistic work, when he interviewed the nation’s Aids patients. The Aids patients openly lamented about the dangers associated with Jammeh’s Aids treatment program. That many of their colleagues were dying due to the President’s advise that they should stay away from using antiretroviral drugs.

Mr. Jammeh should consider taking a leave of absence and find cure for his mental illness. Our proposal might not be well received by the President and his supporters, but this is the best advise one can give to Mr. Jammeh. Mad men never admit their madness and therefore we shall not be surprised by Jammeh’s denial. He shall die in denial.

We know for a fact that Jammeh hired Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay to avoid any possible impeachment. He knows for a fact that he is suffering from infirmity of mind and had decided to entrust the country to FJC, VP Njie Saidy and General Lang Tombong Tamba.

Our MPS should consider tabling a bill to advise the President to seek medical consultation. We are convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that Mr. Jammeh is sick and needs serious help. This is beyond politics. The earlier, we help curing Jammeh’s mental problem, the better it would be for the Gambia and her people.

To expose the hypocrisy of the Speaker, she is one of those gossiping about Jammeh’s sickness. She has been calling President Jammeh as a “lunatic” and all what not when she was fired from her State House Press Secretary job. Now that she has been rehired, Fatou believe that she can use her position to succeed the mad President she had always referred to as a “cursed son.”

To our HIV/Aids sufferers, we say continue to use antiretroviral drugs. Stay away from Jammeh’s Aids Cure Program. Follow the global guideline set for the treatment of HIV and not Jammeh’s fake cure project.

Finally, we once again call on President Jammeh to consider going on sick leave to salvage the reputation of the Presidency. Gambians cannot afford to have a sick President bent on lowering the prestige of that high office. Our Aids patients need help, Jammeh too needs serious help. He is sick for real.

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