By Pasamba Jow Coach

In his attempt to hoodwink the international donor community, President Jammeh embarked on his infamous “Operation No Comprise”, which saw a number of his henchmen either losing their jobs -briefly in the case of his premier Jaliba, Yankuba Touray and the jailing of Baba Jobe and Lang Conteh. However, as everything this man does, this exercise fell flat on its face as nothing but a travesty.

First, the presiding judge, Justice Paul (the mercenary judge), was himself found to be corrupt by the national assembly. Second, the whole process was a cover up by Jammeh, to impress on the IMF that he was fighting corruption by sacrificing his henchmen. Third, the decision by Jammeh to exempt himself from investigation proved the jovial nature of the “Operation No Compromise”. There is no doubt that the person who benefited most, monetarily, from the AFPRC/APRC regime is no other than Yahya A.J.J Jammeh, who as a lieutenant in 1994 before usurping power was earning less than D1500 a month. Today, this same old exceptionally poor Yahya Jammeh brags about being so rich, that his great grand kids would never be poor.

The just released annual corruption report by Transparency International proves the obvious to the Gambians, that Yahya Jammeh and his APRC regime are a thousand times more corrupt than the Jawara regime. The report places Gambia at 121 out of 163 countries. The Gambia also happens to be the 19th most corrupt country in the whole of Africa . Most troubling is that The Gambia is 18 places worst than last year when it ranked 103.

Must I remind readers that Jammeh promised accountability, transparency and probity in 1994? What we got instead is outright corruption and daily abrogation of rights. Jammeh and his cronies have bankrupted all the country’s institutions in a span of twelve years.

It is safe to say that “Operation No Compromise” was a fraud from the beginning.

Sadly, Gambians will have to endure another five years of economic mismanagement and blatant corruption. Well, let us brace ourselves for what is next from Jammeh’s blundering and corrupt regime and more of his folderol rhetoric.

To the chagrin of Gambians, Jammeh’s corruption and human right rights violation will continue unabated and unchecked, precisely because the opposition is ineffective in light of their failure to capitalize on the only possible opportunity of defeating Jammeh as a united front. The Judiciary is corrupt and under the control of Jammeh. The Bar association is not any more active than a cadaver. The independent press is under constant threat, examples of which include the assignation of Deyda Hydara, the daily arrests of journalists and the closures of Sud FM, Citizen FM and the Independent Newspaper, the paper that led the exposure of Jammeh’s corrupt practices such as the missing $20million from the Central Bank etc. Finally, Gambians in nature accept and tolerate corruption; in fact, most Gambians cannot understand how a person cannot be corrupt.

Posted on Tuesday, November 07, 2006 (Archive on Tuesday, November 14, 2006)
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