Editor M’Bai critically examines
Gambia’s political crisis!!

The tiny West African country of the Gambia, is a failed state. Little hope for its poverty stricken citizens, who are hard hit by the country’s economic and political collapse. Almost, all developmental sectors had failed, while political repression and impunity continues to be the order of the day. Accountability is hard to come by in today’s Gambia. From the President down to the last man in his government is corrupt. Serious investors have given their back to the former British colony due to unstable political and economic environment. The country’s army which is constitutionally mandated to protect Gambia’s territorial frontiers has been accused by the current administration of disloyalty, with some of its top officials and junior soldiers repeatedly arrested on treason charges. Faced by growing insecurity, the country is also struggling with unfinished armed robberies and other criminal activities inimical to the country’s democratic health.

Since his reelection in September of 2006, Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh has neglected pressing state matters. The average Gambian needs job security, employment, uninterrupted electricity and water supplies, stable democracy, respect for the rule of law, stable business climate, media freedom, human rights, the list goes on and on.

Sadly, the President’s major preoccupation today is centered on his fake HIV/Aids cure dream, which is evidently another hoax to fool the right thinking members of the Gambian society. There is no iota of truth into Jammeh’s aids cure discovery. It’s all lies packaged to deceive and mislead Gambians, including the civilized world. Instead, he is doing more harm than good to the country’s already highly populated HIV population.

There are unconfirmed reports reaching us, which spoke of some of his HIV patients dying due to over doze and unapproved herbs given to them by the Head of State. A member of the security forces,  as a matter of fact and some Civilians were said to have been affected by the President’s aids drugs, which ultimately claimed their lives. Up to this hour, the Gambian Health Authorities are concealing the actual cause of death from bereaved families, who reserve the right to know the postmortem report of their loved ones. Due to decency and respect for the privacies of the dead patients, we shall refrain from naming names, but what is clear is that President Jammeh is an insane leader, hell bent on meddling into an area he had no knowledge of. The earlier he stops his early madness signs, the better it would be for our HIV infected Gambian population.

To cut a long story short, President Jammeh is a liability to this country. He has proven to be redundant. He lacks the ideas to steer the affairs of this country. Governance requires sound mind and verse political education.

In the case of President Jammeh, he  lacks political education and the know how to run a government. Listening to his daily rantings  and childish comportment, one is compelled to conclude that the future of this country is gloomy. The Gambia is in the wrong hands at this hour. Under Jammeh’s watch, stability and political development is not assured. Jammeh himself is undermining the country’s fragile peace and stability.

In a span of 12 years, Jammeh has succeeded in destroying the fabric of society. Almost, every family in the Gambia had been affected by his power abuse and despotism. The country has reached a level, where people no longer trust one another. Families are divided because of Jammeh’s dirty politics of division. People no longer openly speak their minds on national matters. Arrest, torture, abduction, disappearances, killings continued to go unabated!!! This not the type of Gambia we want. Our country is sinking by the minute and the hour!!!

President Jammeh ruled the country with iron hands. He refuses to listen to the few honest intellectuals serving his government, with the exception of the disgraced Observer MD Saja Taal, who traded his integrity with money and personal ambition for position. Taal is one of the failed intellectuals, who dictates to President Jammeh how to run the affairs of this country. Taal often brags in the past that he writes President Jammeh’s speeches. Taal has also lamented about Jammeh’s undiplomatic conduct by failing to follow the scripts he drafted for him in the past. To Taal, Jammeh is a semi literate who found himself in governance by accident. Jammeh is a type of leader who never wants to read speeches prepared for him by permanent secretaries and the likes of Dr.Taal. He often speaks off the cough, which led to his mad speeches and anti Western condemnations. His irresponsible speeches have cost this country dearly. Some investors who had in mind of investing in the Gambi, later changed their mind because of the controversies associated with Jammeh. It would be unfair for the government to blame the private media for such a  situation. Ours is to police the government and report our findings to the Gambian populace.

If the Gambian security forces are reading us at this hour, including the judicial community, we urge you to be impartial in your duties to the nation. Trying to appease President Jammeh to the detriment of poor Gambians, would tantamount to disservice to one’s country. It’s risky to work for Jammeh, as he sacrificed  people for his own selfish interest.  The people who used to supervise his torture chambers are today paying for the price. Gambians wake up!!! Jammeh is a menance to society. We pray that God rescue us from the current predicament we found ourselves as a nation. The Gambia and her people deserve better!!!

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