Editorial:Killer Sabally’s Last Minute Confession! He should be hung like Saddam!

While killer Sana B Sabally is making last minute rush to vindicate himself from any wrongdoing, his brother Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to  death by a legally constituted Iraqi court. Sabally’s turn is also coming pretty soon. He was one of those brutal and blood thirsty so called military rulers who supervised torture chambers, hit squads, summary execution in the West African country, called the Gambia. Sabally shared common characteristics with the disgraced Iraqi leader.

During the early days of the military rebellion, which sent former Gambian statesman Dawda Jawara packing and his government, Sabally was the man at the centre of the arrest and torture of political opponents. While true democrats and freedom loving people are rejoicing over Saddam’s death sentence, we the Gambian people want to see despots like Sabally to be tried in a similar manner. Sabally was not only a serial killer but a threat to the human race as rightly alluded to by one contributor .

To borrow the expression of the late Captain Thomas Sankara”Soldiers without political education are virtually criminals.” Sana Sabally’s arrogance was primarily triggered by his lack of  political education. Going through his piece, one could detect a lot of errors and inconsistencies. Sabally the evil yesterday wants to be make us believe that he is now a saint. Sabally is as deadly as Saddam Hussein of Iraqi. Our people want to see this murderer to be handed to the International Court of Justice. Justice should be meted out to this shameless terror. Freedom loving people will hate to associate themselves with deadly people like Sabally. There is no amount of defense one can build up to exonerate Sabally. To us, Sabally don’t deserve public sympathy. He is a monster who should be exposed beyond redemption.

We are impressed by President Bush’s reaction to the verdict. It’s a well fitting reaction so to speak. Mr.Bush said Saddam’s death sentence was a “a milestone in the Iraqi people’s efforts to replace the rule of a tyrant with the rule of law.” Indeed. The oppressed Iraqis want justice and justice is slowly but surely coming to their door steps.

“It’s a major achievement for Iraq’s young democracy and its constitutional government.The man who once struck fear in the hearts of Iraqis had to listen to free Iraqis recount the acts of torture and murder that he ordered against their families and against them,” said President Bush. Gambians are exposed to the same fear and persecution Mr.Bush alluded to under Yahya Jammeh’s watch. The likes of Sana Sabally over the years helped President Jammeh to undermine freedom and liberties of Gambians. I can vividly remember when Sana Sabally took PPP Ministers to the Mile Two Prisons threatening to execute them. The likes of Yaya Ceesay nearly fainted because of the trauma Sabally exposed them to. He fired on the air while threatening to kill his captives. Sabally personally threatened to blow up OJ Jallow’s head at some point. These were people who could father Sabally. The same Sabally humiliated  former public officials by putting them in a truck. The said public officials were taken round the city while Sabally branded them as bunch of thieves and womanizers.
It’s imperative to note that many former intelligent and seasoned army officers lost their jobs because of Sana Sabally. In few days time, families of the November 11 massacre would pay tribute to their loved ones. These young army officers were executed by Sabally and his loyalists in the name of a foiled coup. Sabally’s hands are stained with blood. He is nothing but a serial killer. The likes of Sabally created President Jammeh. After been used and abused he was dumped in jail for nine years. The jailing of Sabally was just the beginning. Sabally must be make accountable for his past atrocities come what may.
Further outlining Sabally’s atrocities, at some point he even threatened to fire bomb the Banjul based Daily Observer Newspaper because of the paper’s critical reportage of national matters. Sabally held the Gambian people at ransom while he was in office. Sabally was an enemy of the press and he is still an enemy of the press. Gambians should thank God that Sabally never stayed long in office. He was poised to put our country into flames one day. The man introduced the culture of killing in our soil.
Sabally is a menace. One thing Sabally and his friends should understand is that the media cannot help him to secure asylum. Newspapers which worth their salt would refused to be used for propaganda or any form of deceptive reporting. We would be doing a  great disservice to our noble profession and people by aiding and abetting a former persecutor and a killer for that matter. Sabally is only interested in registering a case against the very government he helped to take the lives of our loved ones. Period! No wonder, he hates the Freedom Newspaper. Well, if exposing your past atrocities tantamount to being untruthful, then so be it. We are not here to  appease people or antagonize our countrymen and women. If Sabally thinks that he is untouchable he is making the biggest mistake. He is not immune from media and public scrutiny.
Just for the records, thanks to the late Deyda Hydara, Dr.Alamin was not murdered by Sana Sabally. Sabally constantly threatened Alamin. At some point Alimin sought refuge at the Point Newspaper. Dr.Alamin is alive and can give his side of the story. Sana personally called the Point to take an issue with Hydara after he got reports that Alamin was being harbored there. The same Dr.Alimin was tortured at the NIA after his German business partners had their diamond and monies seized by the corrupt NIAS.
Sana should be hung like Saddam Hussein. He undermined liberties and freedoms of Gambians. Despite his misquotation of the Koran and the Bible, we can comfortably say that Sabally’s faith is questionable. He is more of a non believer than a true Muslim. A good Muslim don’t kill or persecute his people. But Sana killed and persecuted Gambians. The evidence are there to prove our claims. The best bet for Sabally is to seek forgiveness from those he wronged whether directly or indirectly. Apology alone is not enough. He must pay for the crimes he committed against our people. Stay tuned. There is more coming on Sabally in days to come.
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