Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh needs urgent medical attention. Our country is watching Jammeh, who is on the verge of throwing his pants due to madness. Jammeh is far from being stable. He is mad for real. The President is wasting his precious time on HIV cure, an area he had no clue or knowledge whatsoever. Jammeh is nothing but a faked HIV doctor. The drugs he is supplying to the country’s HIV/Aids patients are unfit for human consumption, not to talk of curing a dreadful pandemic like aids. His actions exposed his ignorance and lack of maturity as a leader. His guriots are using President Mbake of South Africa as an example to justify Jammeh’s  action. Mbake never said he had cure for aids. He clarified on the air after he was linked to questioning the existence of HIV.In the case of  Jammeh, is a different story all together. Jammeh is a seasoned liar who should be exposed to lie detector test. He has no cure for aids. He is instead contributing to the spread of HIV in the Gambia. The time has come for our people to speak against Jammeh’s madness.

When a country is presided over by a mad President, one should expect such idle rantings. An acclaimed Medical worker told us that Jammeh’s actions manifest a sign of madness or mental retardation. In short, it is called “GRANDIOSE DELUSION.” A research on mental health problems revealed that people with “Grandiose Delusion” problems manifest such signs before going into full blown madness.


When a country is presided over by a mad President, one should expect such idle rantings. An acclaimed Medical worker told us that Jammeh’s actions manifest a sign of madness or mental retardation. In short, it is called “GRANDIOSE DELUSION.” A research on mental health problems revealed that people with “Grandiose Delusion” problems manifest such signs before going into full blown madness. It’s time we handcuff Jammeh and expose him into psychiatric evaluation. A majority of the Medical world believe that Gambia’s President is sick. A Medical doctor who spoke to Freedom yesterday said the HIV cure announcement made by Jammeh was just the beginning. The doctor said the President is bound to venture into other areas since according to him”He don’t realize his actions. I doubt it if he can remember dates. The man is out of his mind. His action is a sign of madness.”

It’s imperative to note that not everybody in Jammeh’s government okayed his actions.There are honest medical workers out of the lot. They openly complained about the dangers of Jammeh’s false claims of aids cure. These health workers are in active duty. They told the Freedom Newspaper that non of the HIV patients treated by the President have recovered. We have no doubt in our mind that these health workers are speaking the truth and nothing but the truth.


Our Health Minister Dr.Mbowe has betrayed his profession, Gambians and colleagues in the Medical field. Mbowe, supposedly a trained doctor from Russia ought to know better. Today, Mbowe who claimed to be a PHD holder has mortgaged his medical career for good. He has reduced himself as a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. A trained doctor who worth his or her salt would have call it quits by now. It makes no sense for Mbowe to help his boss Jammeh to turn lies into truth. Mbowe, honestly knew that there is no cure for aids, but he continually lie and mislead the country with his bogus press releases on Jammeh’s aids cure. Dr.Mbowe should bear in mind that history is recording him. He should not expect public sympathy if Jammeh kick him out as he did to his other colleagues.

As the situation appears, it’s risky and dangerous to license the likes of Dr.Mbowe by any serious health sector. Doctors all over the world keep patients confidentiality and personal records. But in the case of Dr.Mbowe, he compromises this very international law by exposing the personal information of our HIV patients into the worldwide web. HIv infected kids were also not speared by the Minister. He did not stop at that. Mbowe also went as far as lying that the HIV patients attended by the President have recovered.

Dr.Mbowe, should have his medical license stripped off in the interest public interest. He is not fit to be called a trained doctor. He is putting personal interest,political patronage and greed ahead of public interest. There is nothing wrong for Mbowe to tell Jammeh that he was stepping his foot into an area beyond his knowledge, as rightly alluded by our colleague Demba Ali Jawo. Even if this would cause him his job, he should be bold enough to speak his mind. But no,  Mbowe has traded dignity with falsehood and deception.


The medical world has been encouraging traditional heelers or herbalists as they call it. There is nothing wrong with our local herbalists trying to find cure for HIV/Aids. Finding the cure for HiV/Aids should be everybody’s business. But we must hasten add that misleading announcements made by Jammeh would ultimately undermine the ongoing efforts to tackle the disease. Jamme was too hasty to conclude that he had cure for Aids. He should have waited for the lab results before blowing his trumpet. Today, the entire country, has been been embarrassed. Out of the dozens of HIV patients treated by Jammeh none have recovered so far.They still have the HIV virus into their system.

We expect President Jammeh to be promoting  positive messages at this hour, in containing HIV/Aids. The Millions of dollars pumped by the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children Fund UNICEF in tackling Aids would be rendered useless if Jammeh is not cautioned. A self proclaimed herbalist of his calibre ought to know better.Trying to promote denial in the country is not going to help the situation. Our HIV patients deserved better. Giving them false hope is unfair to them and their families.The President is creating a dangerous precedence in the country.


The Gambian Government cannot tell us that the country lacked competent lab to test the HIV blood samples collected. They also cannot tell us that we lacked the qualified doctors to administer the test. It beat our imagination that a foreign doctor outside our frontiers was involved in this “aids cure propaganda.” While we are not in the position to ascertain the veracity of the doctor’s findings, it imperative to observe that many Gambians doubted the government story in this particular case. Yahya Jammeh should step aside and concentrate on important national matters.


One of the main preoccupation of the  Medical Research Council in the Gambia centered on  HIV/Aids and Malaria research.The UK based MRC spend millions of pounds each year to fund Malaria and HIV research in the Gambia and elsewhere across the continent. With Jammeh saying that he had found cure Aids, the MRC would be rendered handicapped. People in this country would no longer be keen to take part in their research sentinel programs.

We are pretty sure that Medical Scientists at the MRC must be saddened by the President’s ignorance. These Scientists want to speak out at this hour in the open, but the environment for free speech don’t  exist in the Gambia. Views critical of the President and his government are often perceived as “subversive.” This is the secret behind the public silence in the Gambia including the health professionals. This paper careless about how Jammeh perceived us, but we are morally obliged to report the truth no matter what. We took the trouble to write all these undisputable stories for the sake of posterity. We want Gambia’s future generation to know that this country was at some point led by a mentally retarded President. For Jammeh, he believes that the best way to provoke the West is to make controversial claims.


Having suffered local and international isolation, Jammeh thought that the best way to bring the country’s image on the world map is to come up with a faked Aids cure. Even though Jammeh is lying by saying that he had cure for Aids, he had succeeded in attracting the world’s attention on the Gambia. He knows best why he is playing with the gallery. What Jammeh fails to realize is that such an announcement is causing more harm than good to the country’s socio-economic development. To many people outside this country, they believe that the Gambian President is either “sick or idle.” They described Jammeh’s aids claims as very  heart breaking.


President Jammeh’s reminds us about the late Edi Amen of Uganda. While the latter was notorious of acting strangely in public and private functions, the former had his own side of the coin. A day hardly passes without Jammeh trying to mystify himself. Jammeh want Gambians to see him as a saviour, Demi-God, a saint and what not.The only difference between Jammeh and Edi Amen is the issue of cannibalism. Edi Amen dates his Civil servants, Jammeh too does the same. Edi Amen Kills opponents, Jammeh also does the same. Edi Amen exiled journalists,Rights activists, Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors and Nurses, Jammeh too operated under the same trend. Edi Amen proclaimed to be a doctor cum Field Martial, Jammeh also crowned himself as doctor and a retired army colonel. Edi Amen insults the West, Jammeh does the same.

Assuming that Jammeh was out of power today, our kids and grand kids have a lot to read about this despot. The state owned Television (GRTS)  news room archive office could be a good research center for university students. There are video footages on Jammeh on his new found Aids cure. Let hope and pray that the GRTS management preserved these documentary films for our future generation.

It’s time for private Gambians and world media to archive Jammeh’s activities. The man shared common characteristic with Edi Amen. We owe it to our countrymen and women to report issues as they unfold. This paper is pleased to note that our past coverages on Jammeh’s aids cure yielded some results. Editors of Freedom received emails from different parts of the world asking us if our President is indeed stable. Many news outlets uses Freedom to source their stories on the Jammeh so called Aids cure. We thought it necessary to give special coverage on Jammeh’s faked Aids cure. We as Gambians  are embarrassed by Jammeh’s childish attitude. Jammeh needs to see a doctor for mental check up. He is mad. We rest our case.

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