Editorial:Iran/Gambia Deal Against The West Exposed!State House in a visa scandal….
Iran and the Gambia relationship should be of concern to Western powers. President Yahya Jammeh is becoming rude and wilder by the hour. He is saying that he got the backing of his bigger brother Muhamoud Ahmadinejad of Iran to do whatever he wants. Iran is these day dishing him with millions of dollars to run certain errands for them.These errands are not in the interest of the West. It’s matter of time for the world to know what we are talking about here. Ahmadinejad is using corrupt leaders like Jammeh of the Gambia to wage a war against what he often calls “western imperialism.” Jammeh’s association with Iran is based on the following reasons. One, to join them in their anti west campaign. Two, to nurture Islamic fundamentalism and to say no to Western war on terror. Thirdly,Jammeh is also being used to insult western powers and possibly threatened its representatives in the Gambia by blaming them for not issuing visas to his government officials. His speeches these days centered on Western Visa tight restrictions against his government,his opposition to the “Western so called war on terror” to borrow his expression,colonialism and among host of others. Jammeh is being recruited by these anti western nations for a purpose. It’s time for the West to monitor him.

In one of his public speeches, he openly complained about the way Bin laden and his group were chased out of Afghanistan by the US led forces. Jammeh who used to be an ally to the US, in the fight against terrorism is today attracting Binladin’s attention with his slogans against Western war on terrorism.

If Jammeh can blame local missions for not issuing visas to his government speaks volumes about the amount of hatred he haboured against the west at this hour. What Jammeh fails to realize is that visas are issued on conditions and applicants must meet those conditions before they could be issued with one. Trying to blame the West at this hour is not going to help the situation. We support the Visa tight restrictions against APRC government officials. In the past President Jammeh used to commercialise his trips overseas. Some of his agents at the state house used such trips to extort money from people who intends to be part of the Presidential delegation. They lied to local missions by summiting names of individuals who do not even worked for the government just to obtain a visa. We have a list of government officials behind this scam and we challenge the state house to dispute this report and see what would happened. People pay as much as D50,000 Dalasis just to be included on the Presidential delegation. We are not sure if visa officers are aware of this scam,but it’s happening in the Gambia. It’s time for these local missions to scrutinize the so called Jammeh delegation. A lady whose husband used to work for the government was part of the deal. She helped one Gambian to secure a visa after she was paid several thousands of Dalasis. The said Gambian is alive and kicking.

President Jammeh is a criminal who should be exposed beyond redemption. Ofcourse, Jammeh is going to complain if his own people are denied visas. We have no evidence at this hour that linked him with the visa scam, but what is evident is that Jammeh was privy of it. He never stopped it when his people were going round town to collect money from people with the impression of helping them with visas. Many Gambians and non Gambians who benefited from the said scam can attest to this fact. Let Jammeh make noise and we will spill the beans.

Coming back to the Iranian leader, it’s gathered that he had started supplying Jammeh with some of his dangerous weapons. The arms container from Iran ducked in Banjul recently. President Jammeh is bragging that he can tackle Senegal militarily. He is even contemplating testing these weapons in the event of an “external attack as they called it at the state house.” Few boys in the army had been trained by Ukraine to handle such artilleries. Jammeh at some point planned to display the arms in the streets of Banjul but was restrained. His intention was to scare the opposition.

The West should not underestimate Yahya Jammeh.He can be easily corrupted by leaders like Ahmadinejad.There would be more anti western statements from Jammeh in days to come. He believes that without insulting the West he would not receive the Iranian check. If the visa restriction continues, Jammeh might likely join his former mentor Charles Taylor to impose Visa restrictions against Western nations especially our former colonial masters. The man is very angry with the west at this hour. He never wished them well. Left with Jammeh alone, the US led troops in Iraq would be withdrawn from that war ravaged country. He opposes the US war in Iraq and has been blaming America behind closed doors for its actions. Yahya Jammeh can run, but cannot hide. This information we are reporting online was given to us by his own guards. Jammeh even entertains the belief that the West are upto his down fall. He tries to link these so called coup attempts to outside influence. But guess what? At the end of the day, no evidence is available to substantiate such wild charges. Gambia/Iran relationship is not for the common good. It is designed to suit Jammeh’s interest and not the Gambia. Jammeh should be put on watch list in the interest of world peace.

Posted on Saturday, January 13, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, February 27, 2007)
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