GPU USA is a joke!!

…..Moral Conscience ought to have Dictated To Jow and co to Resign!!

The Gambia Press Union USA branch, under the leadership Pa Samba Jow is a total failure. It’s membership and Executive are in total disarray. No line of immediate communication amongst its members,  no conference call, no offices, no serious leadership to steer the affairs of the organization. One is compelled to reason, if  GPU USA is not another one “man show” surely and wholly hijacked by coach Jow. Yes,  GPU USA is all about Jow and nothing else. Period. Coach issued alerts, press releases without consulting his Executive Colleagues. If this is what we call GPU USA, then it is about time it leadership consider steeping down. Moral conscience ought to have dictated to its leadership to call it quits, since they are not living up to expectations. It’s totally wrong for its Chairman Pa Samba Jow to blame his colleagues for the woes of Gambian journalists at home.

Read these few lines of Jow “What is however perplexing is the passive and carefree attitude of the Gambian journalists in the Diaspora towards the plight of our colleagues back home. Both the GPU-UK and USA branches are rendered impotent by the lack of participation of members and the deliberate decision by some former prominent journalists to shy away from joining or supporting these two groups. It is a shame that the embattled and browbeaten media houses in The Gambia had to scramble to pay the fine for Mr. Fatty.”

Come on… Is Pa Samba Jow serious for real? Is  Coach playing with the gallery by making such cheap and unsubstanted allegations? No, No, Coach got it all wrong once again!!  No one is stopping Mr. Jow from resigning if he feels that he doesn’t have the support of his colleagues. If I were in Jow’s shoes today, I would have called it  a day with GPU USA. It makes no sense to claim representation of an organization, when its general membership are not committed to support your cause. It also makes no sense for Jow to continue to hang out  there, as the so called GPU President, when there is no serious union in the first place. We call this a blackmail.

Let call a spade, a spade, GPU USA is a joke. A true and committed Press Union should have been  able to mobilize its membership under one umbrella to extend helping hands to its suffering colleagues in the Gambia. But there is nothing like that. What we witnessed off late, is one person trying to run the affairs of Gambian journalists abroad in the person of Pa Samba Jow. The time has come for Gambians- most importantly journalists to  address the issues and stop blaming people for our own blunder.

GPU USA‘S, shortcomings or non function if you like,  can be attributable  to “weak and uncommitted” leadership. As rightly alluded to by Jow, Gambian journalists abroad are not united. But that’s no excuse for lack of delivery. A properly constituted GPU USA, would have reconciled whatever differences that might have transpired amongst its membership. Good leadership matters in any organization. It’s unfortunate that GPU USA lacked good leadership. Shifting blames to its membership, is not a solution to the problem. It would rather aggravate it. We should honestly investigate the “poor leadership” problem  and find solutions to these pressing matters.

For the records and the sake of posterity, we deem it imperative to dispute Pa Samba’s “wild and unfounded” allegations against our press men and women. Such allegations cannot go unchallenged, as we owe it to history to defend any “misinformation” or erroneous report peddled against the private press. We as former GPU Executive Members and practicing journalists in the Gambia, believe that Mr.Jow should admit his leadership shortcomings rather than apportioning blames at this hour. We know what it takes to run a union. It’s far from being easy. It requires total commitment and dedication. It’s not all about the “glory” of being a leader, but one should be able to mobilize journalists from time to time discuss pressing issues.

The Secretary General of GPU UK Alieu Badara Sowe, won our respect and admiration. When Sowe felt that he could no longer meet the needs and aspiration of that organization’s membership for reasons best known to him, he humbly tendered his resignation letter and move on. We are not suggesting by any means that Sowe failed in his responsibilities towards the Organization, what he did was to give others chance to lead. He has his own reasons to quit and we praised him for taking such a bold move.

We expect our dormant GPU USA branch, to draw leaf from Alieu Badara Sowe. This to some extent would help to preserve their integrity. These folks are guilty of “doing disservice” to Gambian journalists. The best thing they can do now is to resign and call for a fresh elections. Mr. Jowe and his hibernating team should read this editorial with an open mind. It’s not malicious at all.

We feel insulted when an organization claiming to be representing Gambian journalists to be on its dead ebb. The organization is either rejected by its membership or is suffering from leadership crisis. Jow alone cannot move the Union, despite his fruitless struggle to meet its Mission Statement. The load is too heavy for Pa Samba Jow alone. He needs help from Gambian journalists.

On a final note, we call on Mr. to refrain from blaming his colleagues for the woes and tribulations of Gambian journalists at home. He should  first put his own house in order before firing shuts. We are not gullible to be taken for a ride. Shame on GPU USA. It’s a total failure!!! Coach and  his Executive got to go. They are failures big time!!

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Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 (Archive on Sunday, July 22, 2007)
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